8 Reasons Your Furnace May Be Leaking on the Floor

November 17, 2021
Leaking Furnace in Boling-Iago, TX

Issues with furnaces can range from minor to major, but they all result in an unpleasant experience. Issues with the furnace can be hard to identify. A common problem that many homeowners run into is a leaking furnace. While this is not necessarily a complicated or expensive issue, it does have the potential of being both if the problem is not fixed in time. Luckily, our professionals are here to help. Our technicians can identify and repair any issues your furnace might be having. Here are some of the reasons why your furnace is leaking on the floor.

1. Seal Failure

One of the most common reasons for a furnace to leak is because of a seal failure. Several seals are located on the furnace, and one of them is the primary seal. This seal is located at the bottom of your furnace between it and the floor. It helps keep your home free of any fumes that the furnace may give off while it’s running, which means that if this seal is faulty, then gas can travel into your home. Fortunately, the replacement of this seal is an easy fix, and it will ensure that your furnace is not causing any damage.

2. Leaky Tubes

Leaks in your heating tubes are another reason for water or other liquids to leak onto the floor or other areas of your home. When tubes leak, the gas that travels through them quickly escapes through these holes. This can cause your furnace to leak on the floor or burn out anywhere in your home where someone is sleeping. All you need to do is call us, and we’ll come out and inspect your furnace for leaks.

3. Leaky Blower

A blower can also be what causes a leak in your furnace if it is not functioning correctly. If the blower is not working as it should, then gas can escape and cause a leak that will likely burn out and cause significant damage to your furnace. Our technicians can install a new blower to ensure that you do not have more leaks in your home.

4. Overheating

Overheating is yet another issue that can cause a leak to come from your furnace. If the furnace reaches too high temperatures, it can cause its internal components to leak. This is especially true for furnaces that are not using gas as their primary fuel source but instead use oil. A new blower can be installed to replace any blower that might be faulty, and an inspection can be completed to ensure that you do not have any leaks in your home due to overheating.

5. Leaking Copper Line

If your furnace is leaking near the copper line, then you will likely see a puddle of water in that area. In some cases, you may also notice water coming from underneath the floor. This is due to a faulty copper line which can easily be replaced if necessary. Any copper lines that leak should be immediately replaced, as it is very likely that they will burn out and cause significant damage to your home.

6. Loose Hose Clamps

Clamps on the central hose can cause the hose to leak, which will cause water to pour out of your furnace. If you notice some of your hoses being loose or leaking, this is likely the problem since they are not supposed to be worn out. Tightening these pipes can ensure that they are not dripping in your home, but if this is not enough, then they can be replaced.

7. Leaking Pipe

If your furnace is leaking from the pipe it sits on; then you may notice water coming from under the floor. This is likely due to a leaky pipe that needs to be replaced, and it should not cause leaks in your home in the future. Leaky pipes can be damaged very quickly and, if left alone, will continue to leak and cause major problems for you and your family.

8. Poor Installation

One of the most common reasons for an installation error is that the furnace professionals poorly installed it. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. Make sure that professionals installed your furnace and that the installation process itself was done correctly. Poor installation can lead to leaking and will need to be fixed for your furnace to work correctly.

When you run into a leaking furnace in Wharton or the surrounding areas, the professionals at our company are here to help. We can repair any problems that your furnace has caused and ensure that you don’t have to worry about leaks in your home any longer. If your furnace is leaking on the floor, contact Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of heating and cooling services as well as indoor air quality assessments and duct cleaning.