Are AC Maintenance Contracts Worth It?

August 7, 2018

AC MaintenanceContrary to what many homeowners might think, AC maintenance contracts are worth the trouble. An AC contract is an agreement between a homeowner and a contractor. The contractor makes a promise to conduct certain maintenance services on the AC unit for a specified period of time. A homeowner pays for the contract instead of regular maintenance visits.

Various companies offer different contracts. A homeowner must compare the terms and details of different contracts before finally deciding on one. A good contract should offer emergency service. The contract should have good ratings and the technicians must be professional and experienced. If you have unique needs, ask for a customized contract that meets your needs. Addressing issues at the beginning prevents surprises in the future.

Importance of AC Maintenance Contracts

Qualified Technicians
If you get a maintenance contract, your AC gets maintenance services from technicians who are experienced in the job. If you hire technicians that are incompetent or unqualified, they may not offer you the best value for your money.

Better Chances of Keeping Your AC Maintained
If you are a busy person, many activities may be competing for your time and attention. You may forget about your regular AC maintenance. People that understand the importance of AC maintenance may skip their maintenance visits because of poor scheduling. Having an AC maintenance contract increases your chances to keep your appointments. Your contractor will contact you to remind you about the appointment.

Extra Perks
Some companies give their clients additional perks to their customers with AC maintenance contracts. They may offer priority service, discounts on the labor charges and service work, or discounts on some parts. The perks vary with different companies. Most companies will respond to customers with maintenance contracts than those without the contracts.

Increased Lifespan
Regular maintenance of your AC does not only improve its performance but also increases its lifespan. During maintenance, it is possible to detect problems and resolve them before they become major issues. During the maintenance appointments, your AC technician will provide you with recommendations to improve the lifespan of your AC. You will be unlikely to experience sudden failures.

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