Does Attic Insulation Help During Winter?

December 10, 2020

As the harsh winter weather sets in, many wise homeowners are taking measures to keep their families safe and comfortable. One of the most important measures you can take is to have your attic properly insulated. Doing so will benefit you, your family, and the environment in many ways. Here’s how attic insulation can help you during the winter months.

It Makes Your Home More Comfortable

We all know how uncomfortable a cold house can be during the winter. By insulating your attic, you’ll make your home less vulnerable to the harsh temperatures outside. Your residence will let in less cold air and lose less hot air.

In some cases, a heating system isn’t enough to heat an entire property. Bedrooms located on the upper floors are particularly vulnerable to the cold temperatures. Insulating your attic supports the heating system by keeping the house warm when it gets unbearably cold outside.

What’s more, you may have seen how furnaces make a home uncomfortable when you turn up the heat too much. The eyes and skin of your family members and pets can easily become irritated when the heating system is operating at full capacity. You can avoid this by allowing proper attic insulation to support your heater.

Your Energy Bills Will Be Reduced

Having your attic properly insulated during the cold season helps you to use less energy. A well-insulated attic makes sure no cold air is entering, which means that you’ll use your heating system less often. If your furnace isn’t working too hard to heat your home, you’ll use less energy, which means that you’ll save more money.

Your Heating System Will Be Protected

During winter, it’s possible to keep your heating system running for long durations to keep your house warm. Like any other appliance, the heater wears away over time depending on how much it’s being used. If your residence isn’t well-insulated and cold air keeps getting in, you’ll be forced to use the heating system more frequently. Consequently, your appliance will be more likely to break down and require professional repair services. If things become worse, you may even have to replace the heating system altogether.

Heating and cooling systems can be very expensive to repair and replace. If your furnace needed a replacement today, you’d probably need to spend in excess of $6,000 on a good combustion furnace for your property to continue being habitable. The repairs may also be very expensive depending on your model and the damage itself. Insulating your attic space keeps you from overworking your heating system, which reduces its chances of breaking down.

You’ll Keep Your Air Clean

Your home’s comfort isn’t just affected by temperature. The quality of air also plays a major role. Outdoor air pollutants enter your house through many areas, including any gaps in the attic. When airborne pathogens and dust find their way into the attic, they spread throughout your house, affecting your family’s health and well-being.

When you insulate your attic properly, you reduce the number of pollutants that get into your home. This is important because it reduces the chances of experiencing diseases related to poor indoor quality, such as respiratory problems. It also makes it easier for all of your family members to breathe easily and enjoy being in the house.

Helps You Protect the Environment

If you want to continue being helpful to the environment during winter, then insulating your attic would be a great step to take. As we’ve seen, insulating your attic will make your house more energy-efficient. As you use less energy, you’ll reduce the demand for energy and force the carbon-emitting power plants to produce less energy. Consequently, the amount of pollution that has to be caused for the plants to generate the amount of energy you require to keep your furnace running will be reduced. It may seem insignificant, but reducing your energy consumption does help to protect the environment.

Dependable Attic Insulation

To enjoy these and other benefits of a well-insulated attic, you need to partner with a professional. Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. has been offering high-quality attic installation services to residents of Boling-Iago, TX, for years. You can trust us to insulate your home expertly and keep your whole family warm throughout the cold season. Contact us today to learn more about our services! We offer comprehensive heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services.

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