Guide to Choosing an HVAC System

February 8, 2019

HVAC systems are essential tools for keeping your home or business comfortable. If you have a faulty or inefficient unit, chances are the environment will constantly be too cold or too hot. However, you might not know where to start when looking for a new HVAC system. This is why we at Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. have written a quick guide to help you out.

Your Ducts Need to Be Clean

Before you even consider buying a new HVAC system, make sure your ducts are clean. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, even brand-new units won’t be able to distribute clean and comfortable air throughout your home. We recommend having professionals perform the inspection for you, so be sure to utilize our services to get your ducts in excellent condition.

What to Look for in a New Furnace

Choosing the right furnace can be hard as you might not know what features you need. You should make sure your new furnace is energy-efficient so that you can save on energy costs. Also, you should ensure you get a variable-speed air handler in your furnace so that you can completely manage the climate in your home.

Features You Should Aim for in an Air Conditioner

Finding a high-quality air conditioner is difficult as there are many factors to consider. Some helpful tips include making sure the air conditioner has a SEER rating of at least 16 and ensuring it has an all aluminum coil. These two things guarantee the quiet and efficient operation of any air conditioner.

Choose a Heat Pump Over an Air Conditioner/Furnace Combo

A heat pump is an excellent and affordable option for any home. They offer the full functionality of both furnaces and air conditioners while only having the price of one unit. Heat pumps can also be more energy-efficient than other options.

Find Dependable HVAC System Installation Services

After you buy a new HVAC system, Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. can install it for you. We can also upgrade or replace your current unit, perform tune-ups, clean and seal your air ducts and much more. Call us today if you need a new HVAC system or other services in Boling-Iago, TX.

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