How Often Should I Have My Heat Pump Serviced?

February 20, 2020

Your HVAC system works continuously to keep you comfortable. It’s one of your home’s hardest-working appliances. Regular maintenance is critical to keeping it performing efficiently and up to its full potential. Maintenance will also extend its useful lifespan. The knowledgeable technicians at [company name] provide heat pump maintenance service in commercial settings and residential households throughout Wharton, TX, and the surrounding areas.

What Is The Ideal Heat Pump Maintenance Schedule?

Heat pump maintenance can vary from one model of equipment to another. As a general guideline, we suggest households have their heat pump serviced at least once annually. Commercial heat pumps should receive routine maintenance and inspection two to four times each year, depending on the extent to which the equipment is in use. The most important rule to follow is to remain within your heat pump manufacturer’s recommendations. Our technicians will determine the best schedule for your equipment. To take the stress and hassle out of remembering when to have your system serviced, ask about our maintenance agreements.

What Tasks Are Performed During Heat Pump Service?

You may be wondering why you need to have your heat pump serviced if it is not broken. Regular maintenance allows you to enjoy an efficient, optimally performing heat pump and reduces the likelihood that you will need a major repair. During your heat pump’s service appointment, we’ll replace your filters and clean your system’s fans and coils. A buildup of dust and debris causes the system to work harder than necessary. We’ll also check the electrical connections and inspect components for wear. This small periodic investment in your heat pump will save you money on future repairs.

Trustworthy Heat Pump Technicians in Wharton

As your friendly, reliable Wharton HVAC contractor, we offer much more than heat pump service and repairs. We provide a full range of heating and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance on all makes and models. We also handle indoor air quality issues and perform sheet metal fabrication. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive list of services.

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