How to Maintain Superior Indoor Air Quality During Winter

January 26, 2019

Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. is an HVAC company that serves residential customers in Boling-Iago and beyond. We provide all of the maintenance that you may need, including seasonal checkups, air filter replacement, and air duct cleaning. A common question we encounter is how to maintain good indoor air quality with all of your windows closed.

The Benefits of Humidification

Humidification can be a big help whether you invest in a whole-home system or buy standalone models for the rooms you use most. Humidification makes your home more comfortable at lower temperatures, so your heat can run less often, and studies have shown that an optimal relative humidity can eliminate 85 percent of airborne viruses that would otherwise be present.

Ensuring Adequate Ventilation

The ventilation in your home is crucial during winter for optimal air quality. If you haven’t recently, have a professional inspect your ventilation and make recommendations on how you can improve it. It’s also a good idea to test for mold, radon and so forth every several years or so.

Check Your Air Filters Regularly

Air filters should be replaced every 90 days or so. If you have reusable filters, then they should be washed at least every quarter. If you are a pet owner or live in an otherwise dusty environment, your time frame can drop to 60 days, 45 days or even less, so inspect them every couple of weeks.

Air Duct Cleaning

Even with changing your filters regularly, your ducts will collect dust and even bacteria, mold, dust mites and more. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, we recommend scheduling that immediately. Once cleaned, we generally recommend cleaning again every five to seven years.

Clean, Purify and Opt for Natural Deodorizers

Dust is a leading cause of poor indoor air quality, so dust daily. Air purifiers—whether room-based or whole-home—can make staying on top of a dusty environment a lot easier. Finally, avoid artificial air fresheners and instead opt for natural fragrances.

Great indoor air quality during winter can be your reality! Call Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. today to learn more about your options.

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