How To Make My Home More Energy Efficient

March 19, 2020

While you rely on your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable, you also rely on your house itself to maintain that comfort. If your residence isn’t as efficient as it could be, you’ll notice that you don’t stay comfortable for long and your HVAC system has to run frequently, even on days that aren’t that hot or cold.

Considering how quickly this inefficient condition can run up your utility bill, it’s important to take as many steps as you can to improve your Boling-Iago home’s energy efficiency. Here are a few tips to help you make your house more comfortable for less money.

Caulk Gaps

One of the fastest ways to lose conditioned air from your home is through gaps in exterior walls. These gaps and cracks can appear just about anywhere, including around windows or doors, along joints in your home’s foundation, or at the location of utility connections.

Regardless of why they’re there, it’s important to use high-quality caulk to fill in these gaps and cracks to prevent air from entering and exiting your property. Though there are certain locations where air should be allowed to escape, such as through your attic vents, these gaps and cracks aren’t one of those locations.

Replace Windows

Other than your exterior doors, your windows are the largest openings in your home’s exterior. To keep your house efficient, therefore, it’s important that your windows are as airtight as possible.

If you notice that the air around your windows is significantly warmer or cooler than the rest of the room, or if you discover condensation on the inside of your windows due to busted seals, it’s a good idea to have your windows replaced. Windows with double- or triple-glazed construction greatly slow the speed of energy transfer, meaning the air in your residence will stay comfortable for longer.

Add Insulation

One of the services we at Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. are thrilled to offer is attic insulation installation. We offer this service because we know that adequate insulation goes hand in hand with optimal operation of an HVAC system. Insulation can either be blown-in or sprayed-in.

In either event, the goal of attic insulation is to stop the transfer of heat between your attic and your main living area. In winter, the attic insulation prevents the rising heat from escaping into the attic. In the summer, the insulation prevents the extremely hot air in your attic from seeping in through cracks in your ceiling.

Maintain Your HVAC System

No matter what type of HVAC system your home has, it can only be as efficient as the level of maintenance you put into it. That’s why regular HVAC maintenance is crucial to help increase the overall energy efficiency of your house.

HVAC maintenance refers to the biannual system check-ups performed by Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc.. However, HVAC maintenance also refers to maintenance that you can do on your own. This includes replacing your furnace filter, switching out your thermostat battery, and ensuring that your air conditioner’s condensate drain is flowing freely.

Install New Light Bulbs

When LED bulbs first became available, they were so expensive that it took several years to recoup the cost of your initial investment. Since LED bulbs are so common now, though, their costs are nearly the same as a comparable incandescent bulb that uses far more energy.

LED bulbs aren’t just for ordinary overhead fixtures, although that application is often one of the best ways to realize energy savings. LED bulbs and fixtures can be used indoors and outdoors. They work great for decorative fixtures, security lights, and a host of other lighting needs. If there’s a socket that has ever had a light bulb in it, you can probably find an LED bulb that can fit it.

Turn to the Pros

All of our technicians are certified by the North American Technician Excellence board, ensuring a high degree of quality across all of our services. Plus, we have multiple 5-star reviews from happy customers who have experienced our commitment to service and integrity.

Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. specializes in helping you to make your home in Boling-Iago more energy-efficient. We can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system through our experienced maintenance, repair, and installation services. Beyond that, though, we also offer duct cleaning, which can improve energy efficiency by allowing air to flow freely through your ducts. Plus, we provide our previously mentioned insulation installation services, along with duct sealing and sheet metal fabrication. If you’re ready to lower your utility bills, call us today to see what we can do for you in Boling-Iago.

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