Pleated Filters: Why They Are So Effective

August 8, 2020

You’ve probably heard of many types of filters on the market. Fiberglass, deep media and pleated filters are a couple of the most common ones. However, one of these filters stands out among the rest. If you’re a homeowner looking to keep your air clean, you’ll want to turn to pleated filters. Here’s a close look at why pleated filters are so effective.

High MERV Ratings

The MERV rating of a filter measures how well the device removes allergens and other particles from the air. Simply put, pleated filters have some of the highest MERV ratings on the market. The MERV scale ranges from 5 to 16, and pleated filters often cross into the double digits. While there are many scientific principles that make these filters so effective, they can all be summarized by these fantastic MERV ratings. When you go to the store to select a filter, you’ll be able to see the different MERV ratings. Notice how pleated filters boast a much higher average than others. When pleated filters are empowered by electrostatics as discussed below, their ratings skyrocket even further.

Large Surface Area

One of these scientific principles is the large surface area of a pleated filter. These filters are very intricate, allowing for more surface area while maintaining the same volume as a fiberglass filter. More particles will stick to the surface, and less particles are left in the air. This is a basic geometric idea that has been constructed to perfection in a pleated filter.

Extra surface area exists both horizontally and vertically. There are more cross sections that give the filter a sense of depth as well. You can almost think about it like a honeycomb. The hexagonal walls of the honeycomb lead to a much larger surface area without much increase in volume.

More Durable

Pleated filters are also more durable than their counterparts. Over the course of many months, these filters will stand strong and continue to catch allergens. No matter how effective a filter is, it is of no use if the material is flimsy. For example, consider a regular fiberglass filter. In your hands, it might seem durable from the surface. However, you have to remember that these filters don’t simply exist in a vacuum.

They are constantly battered by an airstream and pieces of debris that fly into the material. Standard filters will experience wear and tear that undermines their purpose. Before long, you’re looking at a weakened filter that isn’t doing anything inside your HVAC system. Fortunately, pleated filters are designed to withstand fast airflow and particles that put stress on the filter.

Electrostatic Properties

Pleated filters are also compatible with electrostatic properties. There’s no doubt that naked pleated filters are highly effective on their own. However, when these filters are infused with electrostatics, they become even more powerful. Electrostatic properties are proactive ways to remove contaminants before they even reach the rest of the HVAC system. Electric charges encounter these particles and more or less shoot them down. Other filters don’t have this sort of potential, so pleated filters really do take advantage of state-of-the-art technology.

Less Porous

Finally, pleated filters are less porous than fiberglass filters. Manufacturers strive to minimize the number of pores in the filter and at the same time, ensure that air can still flow through the material. Pleated filters are relatively dense at a glance. However, when you breathe on the filter, you can immediately tell that air can pass through without a hitch. This means that your home can undergo proper circulation while minimizing the number of foreign particles floating through the air. Instead of normal pores, pleated filters rely on an interwoven mesh to allow air to flow through. Combined with the surface area aspect, this results in a very effective filter overall.

Schedule Pleated Filter Installation

In conclusion, pleated filters are so effective for a number of reasons. They all lead to the fact that these filters block more particles from entering your atmosphere. At Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. in Boling-lago, TX, we’re experts at the science behind pleated filters. Our technicians have NATE certification, and our company maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. After going through a licensing, insurance, and background check, we are also proud to a Google Guaranteed company.

If you’re finally convinced by pleated filters, call us today, and we can get started on installation! You can also trust in us for all your heating, cooling and air quality needs. We can install, maintain, and replace all components of your HVAC system.

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