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You may not think about it often, but your AC unit or heat pump might be the most important piece of equipment inside your home or business. They keep us cool in the summers and warm in the winters. You and your family’s comfort depends on them. But what if these systems break down? For these tough times, you need a reliable air conditioning and heating repair company to do business with. Look no further than Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc.! We have the best heating and air conditioning services in Boling, Rosenberg, and the surrounding areas. From heating and AC repairs to furnace and air conditioning installation services, we are always focused on your comfort. Beyond installation and repair, our maintenance services are also top-notch.

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Boling HVAC Services

Responsive, Reliable Home Comfort Solutions

Whether you have an AC unit, heat pump, furnace, or any other comfort system, we can provide fast and reliable repair services. We understand how uncomfortable the summers can be in Boling, TX and surrounding areas. On the flip side, the winters can also provide some extreme temperatures. For occasions like this, you can’t afford to wait for hours for a furnace or AC repair. The more you wait, the more uncomfortable and frustrated you become. Relieve the stress by calling Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. today!

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  • Comfort professionals
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  • Specials available
  • Over 100 years of combined experience
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  • And more!

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If you’re constantly dealing with heat pump, furnace, or cooling system repairs, the best solution might be a new AC unit. As these systems get used more and more, their performance and efficiency diminishes. As time presses on, your cooling system or heat pump will die out eventually. Stop worrying about when your unit will break down and call us today! Our air conditioning installation services are the best in Bay City, Rosenberg, Boling, and the surrounding areas. At Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc., your comfort is always the top priority. Call us today to learn more!