Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

February 4, 2021
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The air quality in your home is crucial to your health, and you’ll want to ensure that the people in your residence are breathing safe air. You have a serious stake in the quality of the air in your home, but how do you know if it is clean or not? Here are some serious considerations.

Symptoms Indoor Air Quality Is Poor

1. Trouble Breathing

One of the first signs of poor air quality is trouble breathing. You may find yourself getting winded quickly in your own home. You may also find yourself struggling to breathe wherever you are. Breathing may also get significantly worse with time. It’s important to take action and visit your doctor as soon as you notice a problem.

2. Allergies

People who suffer from allergies will learn that their allergies become exaggerated when the air quality in the home is poor. Irritants will become more aggravating to the nose, throat and skin. You shouldn’t have to depend on an inhaler or allergy medication solely because of indoor air. A doctor can help you pinpoint the problem and offer solutions.

3. Sinus Congestion

You might notice that your nose, throat and lungs are starting to get congested. When they are, you may struggle to breathe. This condition can make you quite uncomfortable at times.

4. Dry Sinuses

Congestion isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to your sinuses. You may also experience excessive dryness. Your sinuses may even feel so dry that they start to hurt.

5. Headache

In addition to your airways, other parts of your body might experience discomfort as well. You may suffer from headaches. This is an especially telling symptom if you’ve never suffered from headaches before.

6. Upset Stomach

Bad air quality can also lead to an upset stomach. You may not have as much of an appetite as you once did, or you might feel sick throughout the day. Either way, it can feel distressing and make trying to be as productive as normal a struggle. Eventually, the nausea can lead to serious digestive issues.

Things That Damage Air Quality

1. Carbon Monoxide

One of the most dangerous contaminants in the air is carbon monoxide. If this toxic chemical gets into the air and people inadvertently breathe it, the result can be fatal. The source might be a faulty stove, fireplace, furnace or some other item in your home. If the ventilation isn’t adequate, this gas can linger in the air. It can make someone quite ill and, if the concentration is high enough, eventually kill them.

2. Smoke

Smoke is dangerous to inhale. However, it comes from a number of things inside your home. It can originate from a stove, the fireplace or, of course, cigarettes. Be careful when using items that create fire. You’ll also want plenty of ventilation when things do get smoky.

3. Dust

Dust is one of the things that can negatively impact your air quality. When too much dust accumulates somewhere, it will get in the air. You can prevent this by dusting regularly and changing your air filters.

4. Mold

Black mold is a threat for a number of reasons. It will develop in moist areas, and as it grows, it emits toxins into the air that are very dangerous to breathe. You should eliminate mold at the first indication of a problem. This is especially important if it is black mold. Consider calling a professional to help get the job done correctly. Clean regularly and decrease humidity to prevent mold in the future.

5. Asbestos

Years ago, asbestos was used in the construction of buildings due to its fire resistance and insulating properties. However, it was eventually learned that its fibers could get into the air and then into the lungs with severe health consequences. When people discovered the danger, they started using other items in construction. However, many buildings still have asbestos in them. If there is asbestos in your home, you need to have it removed immediately.

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