The Wonderful Invention of Air Conditioning!

September 17, 2018

Trane AC SystemYou only have to walk into an air-conditioned room after being outside in the heat to appreciate the invention of the air conditioner. Air conditioning makes life so much more comfortable. In fact, it makes it safer, as those living in extremely hot conditions can attest to. Being able to cool down a hot space reliably has changed the world.

Ancient Cooling Method

People have known how to cool things down using water and fans for a long time—they were doing it back in Ancient Egypt, for instance. That kind of labor-intensive cooling was only reserved for those that could afford it, though, which meant the wealthy and the powerful were the only ones who got cool in summer.

Carrier Solves the Problem

The 19th century saw a number of inventors take a stab at the secret of creating an air conditioner, but none were really successful. It wasn’t until the heating employee named Willis Carrier took on the job that true progress was made. Carrier was tasked with creating a cooling system for a printing plant that would help to remove moisture from the air so that the pages would not wrinkle.

It was 1902 when Carrier first created the air conditioner. He met another man named Irvine Lyle, a salesman, and they went into business together to create the Carrier Corp. The Carrier Corp. managed to sell air conditioners first in the Midwest, then across the U.S. and the globe. In the beginning, they were just used for industrial applications, but eventually, they managed to create a window unit. Much like the cooling systems of old, the window unit was not affordable and only used by those with enough financial means to buy it.

Getting a Start in Movie Theaters

The window unit did go down in price over time to the point where homes all around the country had them. Before air conditioning hit homes it made it big in movie theaters. The Great Depression was in full swing and no one was buying much of anything, but movie theaters decided to purchase the air conditioning systems offered by Carrier. They knew that they could attract more and more guests if they offered a cool environment that could be found pretty much nowhere else.

Today air conditioning is quite common, and for obvious reasons. It makes life so much more comfortable.

Your Air Conditioning Experts

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