What is Balanced Ventilation?

September 24, 2019

Balanced ventilation is a somewhat new concept in HVAC whole-home ventilation, and it is based on a rather simple concept. With a balanced ventilation system, the home has an equal flow of fresh air coming into the home from outdoors, but the older polluted air in the home is pushed out at the same rate. Unlike a traditional supply or exhaust system, it neither pressurizes nor does it depressurize the air in the home. The result is cleaner air in the home and more often. Hunter's Air & Heat, Inc. would like to provide you with more information regarding this concept to see if it might be the right choice for your home.

Factors to Consider With Balanced Ventilation Systems

The system offers both a supply and an exhaust component, so two systems are utilized. The equipment and ductwork reflect these differences. Of course, while you’re receiving a great benefit, the pricing is adjusted to account for the additional work that’s required to install the system and to account for the additional equipment. The benefit is that it can be more cost-effective than running separate air-cleaning devices and maintaining the equipment. Other components that are optional include filtration to handle the incoming air before it begins circulating. These are worthwhile options that’ll provide you with additional comfort and better quality air. The ductwork can also be used to deliver the cleanest air to common areas and places such as bedrooms to maximize its benefit. The exhausted air can be targeted more towards rooms like bathrooms and utility rooms that would be more prone to poor air conditions. A balanced ventilation system is a smart choice for those who want a constant supply of fresh air.

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