What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Company

May 21, 2018

Finding an air conditioning company can be overwhelming when there are many options. There are some specific things to look for, in order to make sure you are going to get quality service and be happy with the job done.

A Physical Address

Even though an air conditioning company is going to be completing a job at somebody’s home or business, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a place of its own, where it takes care of its operations. If a company doesn’t have a physical location, there could be a scam going on. You can easily search if the address listed is an actual building on Google Maps.

The Right Business License

The business should be registered in the state they are operating in, and the license and paperwork should be up to date. Not only should the business have the proper licenses, but technicians also need to have licenses and proper knowledge.


Both technicians and the business should take pride in the work they are doing and show professionalism in the way they dress and act. These technicians will be in your home, so you want to feel comfortable.

Quick Response

Companies that let phones ring during business hours and don’t contact you back in a timely manner aren’t worth your business. A company should want your business and your trust and should make sure to contact you within a reasonable time frame.

Written Estimates

Any information given over the phone should be taken with a grain of salt. Estimates should be written in order to become a binding contract. The estimate should include everything that is done and the price. Beware of those that give estimates over the phone without actually seeing the problem.


No matter your air conditioning situation, you want to make sure that the technicians have the right knowledge to handle the problem. See if the business speaks about the training they offer employees to handle any specific repairs or installation services. Check if the company services the type of air conditioning system you have, so you can make sure that you are getting a team that has the right knowledge for your needs.

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